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Assignment 5.1 Chapter 6 Section 6-1 2. Define Cisco IOS. Cisco IOS is the operating system used to configure all Cisco routers. It includes a CLI for inputting instructions to configure the Cisco router interface. Section 6-2 3. 4. What is a flat network? A flat network is a network with multiple LANs interconnected together at the layer 2 level. 5. 6. Define the purpose of a gateway? The purpose of the gateway is to provide a portal for data to enter or exit a LAN. 8. A computer with a host IP address of sends a data packet with a destination IP address of A subnet mask of is being used. Determine whether the packet stays in the LAN or is sent to the gateway. Show your work. 10. Repeat number 9 if the subnet mask us changed to Show your work. 12. The IP address for computer C2 is The IP address for computer B1 is A subnet mask of is being used. Are the computers in the same network? Show your work. 14. List all the possible routes from Router B to Router D in the network shown in problem 13. a. Router B -> Router A -> Router E -> Router D b. Router B -> Router E -> Router D 16. List the subnets attached to Router C in Figure 6-21. 18. What is the next hop address for FastEthernet port 2, Router C in Figure 6-21? FA0/0, Router B Section 6-3 20. What values are used when configuring HyperTerminal for connecting to a Cisco router’s console port? a. Bits/sec b. Data bits c. Parity d. Stop bits e. Flow control Section 6-4 22. What is the help command in Cisco IOS? Router> ? 24. What command is used to verify that there is sufficient memory available to load a new version of the Cisco IOS software? Router> Show 26. If you enter exit from the
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