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Executive Summary Through analysis of Mills’s business, the essential object of Kiai division is enhancing promotion strategy, clients and financial feasibility. Kiai is a start-up business, the blank backing of laptop lids are unused advertising space. Moreover, Mills’s goal is to his person profit of $5,000 in the eight months. To achieve this goal, we specific focus on his target marketing which is small businesses that prefer to use their products. We selected promotional strategy and make products. Also Mills needs to face both direct and indirect competitors. Although his competitors are strong and attract many advertisers, Kiai still has features. The laptop lids on advertisement are the novel and flexible advertising way. According to target market, we choose HYPE as our ideal client which set up good relationship. Additionally, I consider combining two different promotional methods to display our products to attract more potential clients. I made the following essential issue need to be figure out: * Selecting the most effective and direct promotion * Determine dominant to attract client * Setting the appropriate and reasonable prices to aim target market * Make meaningful impression on students * Achieve a personal profit of $5,000 Actually, Kiai is not expensive which belong to median-level ways of advertising. Our target market focuses on local small businesses, although they operated a tight on budget. Moreover, our price is appropriate and effective effects. In addition, I make recommendations to set selling price ranged from $400 to $500 which is an appropriate price in the marketing. The price can be accepted by most consumers. Finally, I choose use SBC membership and direct sales to promote our products because they can provide services to many small businesses. I met with small businesses from all walks of

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