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Assignment 4: The Influence of Health Policies and the Future of Health Care in the U.S. Based on the changing environment, as well as demographics in 21st Century America, there are many burgeoning issues and hurdles the U.S. Health Care System faces. As part of the preparation for your assignment, view the video titled “Health Care Issues and Problems in USA” (7 min 36 s). Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: 1. Based on the video, analyze the main points presented by the narrator concerning issues and problems inherent in overall health care in the U.S. Based on the video, the main points presented by Dr. Miller is that the current health care system does not treat the root of the illness. The majority of the illness that we have today are the result of our lifestyles, how we handle stress, how we treat other people and our lack of ability to use the power of our own minds to heal our bodies and emotion. Dr. Miller states that the improper paradigm would treat the source of the illness not the symptom. One needs to know the root of the problem. He also believes in establishing a relationship with the patient and taking the time to address the underlying problem of the patient. He strongly believes that healing comes from within. That too many physicians today, don’t take the time to establish a repor with their patients. Instead, they prescribed and medicate. The average individual see 3 or more physicians and are taking 3 or more medications which is not treating the underlying problem. If the underlying issue could be addressed and healed, 80 -90% of all illnesses could be cured, according to Dr. Miller. 2. Ascertain whether the narrator’s views are in sync with your opinion of 21st Century U.S. health care. Provide support for your rationale. In my opinion, I do believe that there is truth in Dr. Miller’s principles in healing

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