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Matthew Rogers Section: 03 Assignment 4 Operant conditioning involves many distinct characteristics that set it apart from its classical counterpart. This type of conditioning is a form of psychological learning where a person takes an occurrence and the behavior and modifies is according to the links of the behavior with a certain stimulus. It “operates” by what environment is presented and is sustained by the consequences of the behavior. Classical conditioning is concerned with the conditioning of an involuntary behavior that is drawn out by preceding events or “conditions”. In our example we are considering a young child screaming for candy in a grocery store. The child's mother first responds by yelling at the child but the child does not stop. The mother then opens a bag of candy and gives the child a piece, after which the child stops screaming. The type of reinforcement/punishment that is controlling the child’s behavior is positive punishment when the mother yells. When the mother gives the child candy, which would be positive reinforcement. When the child screams the mother brings yelling into the child’s environment, which would be stimulating it’s decreasing behavior where the undesirable (screaming) would be present. This is punishing the child’s behavior because the mother does not desire this behavior. When the mother brings the bag of candy into the child’s environment the child is calm, which would be stimulating it’s increasing behavior where the desirable (calm) is present. This action would be rewarding the child because the mother desires this behavior in the environment in which they are acting. In terms of the mother’s behavior, when the mother gives the child candy the child is calm. This would be negative reinforcement where the increasing behavior of the calm baby is present and the undesirable (screaming) is removed. When the

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