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Marketing Management Assignment Question Making use of relevant academic concepts discuss how elements of the marketing mix are being used to achieve the luxury watch positioning of Hublot watches You are provided below with some basic information about Hublot as a starting point but in order to meet the assignment requirements you will need to undertake further factual research particularly in terms of identifying competitors. The purpose of the assignment is that you demonstrate your understanding of how the various elements of marketing interrelate with one another to deliver satisfaction to consumers and success for the organisation. As such the assignment has a more practical slant and so for this assignment (unlike others that you will have to undertake in other courses) you are not required to read extensively around marketing concepts to undertake the assignment – the lecture and chapter slides that have been provided plus reading of the relevant chapters should be sufficient. Hublot watches Hublot are one of the watch brands in the LMVH Group of companies. The World Watch Report categorises them as a Prestige watch, a category they share with Breitling, Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer. Hublot is a fairly recent entry to the market having been established in 1980, but soon proving itself to be a commercial success with sales in excess of $2m in its first year. The watches can be purchased via a number of different channels including their own stores. They have a number of brand ambassadors and sponsorships largely related to sports. Much of the information above is taken from the company website which can be found at for further information. Advice In order to answer the question effectively you should include consideration of the following issues (although this is not intended as a definitive list):

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