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Assignment Task 3.2 – Scavenger Hunt Using the Assignment Manager to Submit Work Please read the directions below and answer all of the questions. Complete the Assignment – Scavenger Hunt Directions: This Assignment will navigate you through the Wilmington University Blackboard system. Read and answer all of the questions below carefully and remember to save your work. In order to answer the questions, you will need to navigate through the Blackboard system. Type your answers after each question mark. Once you have completed all of the answers, you will save your file. Then, you submit your assignment back to the instructor. Blackboard Navigation Questions: 1. Click on the Faculty Contact link on the left-hand menu. What is the name of the professor? 2. Click on the Syllabus link on the left-hand menu. What is the title of the course listed in the file of the Course Outline and Schedule? 3. Click on the Discussion Board link on the left-hand menu. What is the assignment for the Discussion Board? Submit the Assignment To submit your assignment back to the instructor, follow the steps below: 1. Go back to the assignment Task 3.2 – Scavenger Hunt. Click the title link. 2. The assignment window will open. About in the middle of the Assignment page, click the Browse button. 3. Find your saved worksheet on your computer, click on it, and press Open 4. In the “Attach local file field” you will see your file ready to be submitted. 5. Click Submit to send and complete your

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