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Assignment 307 Kayleigh Bramhall Task ai Data protection act Freedom of information act Care standards Human rights act Aii) On day to day duties as a social care worker you are expected to follow a set of rules which is the code of practice. Such codes are very important each one of us will encounter than a few times a day. Whilst handling information you are in receipt of information that could put the patient at risk if it were to land in the wrong hands. By following the rules of confidentiality you are following the data protection act which is a law introduced to protect individuals personal information, it is the main piece of legislation that offers protection of personal data. Aiii) 1. Ask them how they would feel if it was their private information that was made available for everyone to see and have a discussion on the harm of careless disclosure of information. 2. show them a copy of the policies and procedures, explain the legislation that it is based on their duties, plus the consequences to them and their setting if they do not follow the policy. Aiv) Offer information sessions or training from researchers to those involved who could benefit in gaining knowledge needed to understand the different systems used to record information. Offer shadowing periods where things can be explained about the different systems used to record information. They can observe and practice them. Task b Bi) To keep good record keeping it is essential that good daily notes are kept. This will include things such as any achievements, any appointments, health changes, behavior changes, requests from individual, complaints (if appropriate to be written in file at that time) and any other significant events. Any significant event should be written down immediately or at the earliest opportunity. You should not end your shift before you have

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