Assignment 304 Task a (Ai) What Is Meant by the Term “Duty of Care?” Essay

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Assignment 304 Task A (Ai) What is meant by the term “Duty of Care?” In our line of work we have a responsibility to make sure that people we come across on a daily basis are safe and free from harm. Highlight any concerns we have, and report any facts we become aware of. Duty of Care is defined simply as a legal obligation to: * Always act in the best interest of individuals and others. * Not act or fail to act in a way that results in harm. * Act within your competence and not take on anything you do not believe you can safely do. (Aii) How does the duty of care affect the work of a social care worker? As a care worker we owe a duty of care to the people we support, our colleagues, our employer, ourselves and the public interest. Everyone has a duty of care. * Our duty of care means that we must aim to provide high quality care to the best of our ability and speak out if there are any reasons why we may be unable to do so. * We need to be aware of the policies and procedure that are in place to protect the service uses. For example; to protect the service user from harm or infection, we would be sure to wash our hands in between visits, wear gloves and aprons where applicable. * We would report any faulty equipment. * We would report and remove a potential hazard. * We would report any concerns of abuse or neglect (Aiii) What does it mean for a care giving organisation? Providers of care workers have a duty of care toward their employees as well as those that use their services. To accomplish this we must * Keep our knowledge and skills up to date, by offering suitable training. * provide a service of no less quality than that to be expected, based on the skills, responsibilities and

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