Assignment 303 Task B Essay

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Diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination. Legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity, inclusion and discrimination are Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act, Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act, Human Rights Act, Health and Social Care Act (Regulated activities) and the Essential Standards, Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers. All these need to be adhered to if not the possible consequences for the; Individual are not feeling respected as an individual, feeling distressed and upset. Poor care been received. The individual will have lost their rights. Social care workers: The care worker faces been sanctioned, disciplinary action, which loss off job and possible prosecution. Others: For the others involved in this it could be the company which could face been shut down and prosecuted for letting this happen and loss off registration from professionals that have ignore the legislation and code of practice not been followed. Inclusive practice can promote equality and support diversity as you are learning the individual to be valued, feel confident about their self dignity, feeling safe and have a sense of belonging and also been able to participate equality in activities and have an equal chance to follow opportunities and overcoming the boundaries. This all promotes that everyone is equal but recognising that everyone has difference but should still be treated the same. You can support others to promote diversity, equality and inclusion by encouraging others to embrace difference, rather than rejecting it, just because it is not familiar to you through reducing fear and anxiety, broadening experience, increasing understanding and encouraging collaboration sharing thoughts and ideas with a wide range of people. All this will help support others.
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