Assignment 303 Principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Adult Social Care Settings

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Task A Explanation Example Diversity It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. This can be along the dimensions of race, ethnisity, gender, age, physical abilities etc. Equality It means treating everyone the same way, regardles genter, age, ethnisity, disabilities, believes etc. For example, it would not be equal treatment to provide two different people with information about the services available written in english, if one of those people spoke another language and could not understand english. Inclusion Inclusion is allowing everyone equal access to a service. Invlusion also envolves eliminating descrimination and prompting equality. Make sure everyone knows for the activities planed for the day in order to take informed choice and participate if want. Discrimination Discrimination is the fact that person is being treated differently from the others. This could happen on the grounds of personal likes/dislikes,age,gender etc. Discrimination could be direct ot inderect, which is harder to notice. Not taking Mrs X who's 75, for a walk in the park, because she walks slower than the rest. Aii Different possible effects of discrimination. An Individual If person is discriminate he or she can fill excluded. This can lead to the person being withdrawn, avoiding social contacts and living in his/her “own word” , where the result would be usually depression. Discrimination also affects the quality of life. Person who has been discriminated may not receive quality services, his/her needs may not be met, which will cause for the person being unhappy and feeling miserable. Discrimination could also lead to loss of self-esteem, feeling stressed and unable to cope, loss of motivation, restricted
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