Assignment 303 Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 303 Task B Leaflet. Bi (a) This leaflet contains information that will contribute to the completion of your induction course. The Equality Act, 2010 is a legislation and code of practice in place to promote diversity, equality, inclusion and to guard against discrimination. Incorporated into this Act are:- The Quality Care Commission The Disability Discrimination Act, 2005 The Human Rights Act, 1998 The Equal Pay Act, 1970 The Sex Discrimination Act, 1999 The Race Relations Act, 2003 Diversity: Is the differences between individuals and groups i.e. culture; race; religion; gender; age; abilities and disabilities; sexual orientation and social class; perceiving people as a certain type according to how they dress or behave. Equality: Each person in society is valued as an individual regardless of culture or circumstance. Inclusion: To include individuals in services and provisions that reflects their different requirements and enable a sense of being valued. Discrimination: Actions or attitudes that treat others less favourable; display prejudice on opinions based on inaccurate information; stereotyping; no consideration of the individual. (b) Should legislation and codes of practice not be followed possible consequences could be:- Individuals: Would not receive the care in a person-centred way. This in turn could have a detrimental effect on their well-being, self-esteem and their dignity. Social Care Worker: It is a legal requirement to implement policies and procedures in accordance with legislation and is part of contractual agreements to work. The consequences of not following procedures can affect just one individual or an entire team of social workers. (c) Inclusive Practice: This can demonstrate, that although we are all unique and have different needs, we are not
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