Assignment 3: Working In The Trenches Of The Criminal Justice System

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Written Assignment 3: Working in the Trenches of the Criminal Justice System 1. How will the provisions of more courts and the like results in more justice if justice is not just a matter of “clearing the calendars”? The provisions of more courts would allow a more efficient process. Defendants would not be shuffled out of the system because they admit to the crime they have committed. It would also help alleviate all the back log of pending matters. “What can we so about the traffic problem? The answer would be, nothing –until we get more roads. You couldn’t help it by tinkering around with the lights. Well, tinkering with the courts, more DAs more Legal Aids, more judges- and it’s going to cost a massive amount of money.” (Bonsignore, et al 2006. Pg. 392). The judge would not feel pressure from the higher courts to move these cases because the court calendar is too full. “Schweitzer himself under great Appellate Division pressure to dispose of cases, now pressure Lowes, politely, gently. Schweitzer breaks in. It’s abhorrent to me too and it is being discussed only in in the light of the calendar. Your honor,…show more content…
It is for something else….TIME. It seems like time is the driving factor in letting these criminal back into the streets. It is a game where whoever can fess up to the crime gets the prize behind the door number one, time served or lesser time. Meanwhile the innocent has to go through the process of trial with the likelihood of being found guilty. “The government needs guilty pleas to move the cases out of the court, and the defendants are selling their guilty pleas for the only currency the government can offer-time. But no matter what sentence us finally agreed upon, the real outcome of this bargaining contest is never truly in doubt. The guilty always win. The innocent always lose.” (Bonsignore, et al 2006. Pg.
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