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Notes for Seminar Financial reductions in the Army * They have less humanitarian aid * Training time would be decreased * less personnel * More deaths could occur * Less money for equipment * Less prepared for war Who it affects It affects the army and the public/community How it affects them This will affect the community and the Army because if the Army have less personnel and humanitarian aid, there will be less people to fight in the wars which will increase the amount of deaths from the soldiers because there are less of them to fight. The amount of training would be decreased because it could either be because they can’t afford to do so much training with the soldiers or because they have had to cut back on jobs so there won’t be enough people to take training sessions. This is going to affect the soldiers most of all because they are the ones who need the training to be good at their job and if they don’t get enough training they won’t be at their full potential and then as a result won’t be able to protect the countries that they’re fighting for. As a result of the lack of training it would affect them by being less prepared for war and the consequences of it. They won’t know how to get away from the enemy efficiently and they won’t know how to use their weapons correctly. This won’t only affect the soldiers in the Army; it will also affect their families emotionally. Families of soldiers will be worrying about their loved ones because they know they are more likely to get injured or worse, if they haven’t had the correct amount of training. Another disadvantage of a financial reduction would be that they have less money to provide equipment. Whether that’s weapons, uniform or training camps. As regards to weapons, if the Army have a cut in weapons it’s going to affect them dramatically. They won’t have enough

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