Assignment 3 Essay

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Introduction All graduate level students and beyond need to have the ability to effectively conduct a library search. Northcentral University offer several databases to conduct these searches. In addition to these databases the researcher can utilize peer-reviewed scholarly journals, books, and the internet to complete searches. Databases EBSCOHost, Ebrary, and ProQuest were the primary databases used during this assignment. The World Wide Web or Internet was also utilized. Each database was useful in its own way. EBSCOhost and ProQuest were the most useful when searching for scholarly articles. Both allow the user to search by inputting different parameters, to include: basic and advanced search tabs, special limiters, expanders, and type of databases. Ebrary offer a multitude of subject centered search parameters from its home page. Results can be viewed as either chapter or title results. The chapter results were most useful as it allows the reader to go directly to the needed chapter based on chapter title. Search discoveries. During my search I discovered an informative peer-reviewed scholarly article written by Plunk and Amstrong. The article examines transformational leadership skills in relation to warden stress. A second peer-reviewed article written by Hunte, and Esmail examines the effects of life skills changing on the inmate population. New Ideas A library search can provide new ideas by widening the initial search to include other key words. Additionally there are numerous databases and academic articles t chose from. My initial search focused on organization leadership within a prison. This initial search evolved to correctional leadership challenges followed by correctional leadership change. The direction of the search surprised me due to my initial keywords. Conclusion This assignment required basic researching skills. However,

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