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Name: Hilda I Theofilus Student Number: 201201894 Module: Classroom communication and Technology ASSIGNMENT 3 SUBJECT : MATHEMATICS TOPIC : ALGEBRA Using Facebook as an intergral site of discussion. A group 12B Shaanika Nashilongo math class will be created on Facebook for the discussion. The topic introductory part will be uploaded on Facebook . Topic: ALGEBRA Specific objectives * Use letters to express generalized numbers. * Express basic processes algebraically. * Substitute numbers for words and letters in formulae. * Transform – simple formulae. * Construct – linear equations from given situations. * Transform formulae involving roots, powers, fractions and factorization. * Multiply a monomial by a polynomial. * Use brackets and extract common factors. * expand products possible expressions of the form ax+ay ;ax+bx+kay+kby ;a2x2-b2y2;a2-2ab+b2;ax2+bx+c * manipulate algebraic fractions e. g x3 -x-42 ; 2x3 -2x-3 ; 3a4 ×5ab3 ;1x-2 -2x-3 * Factorize and simplify expressions such as x2-2xx2-5x-6 * Write quadratic expressions in the form ax-p2-q Expectations * No learner is allowed to invite his/her friends to join this group as it is only for 12b’s of Shaanika Nashilongo secondary school. * Learners should have critical and creative thinking. * Keep topic content. * Revise the previous topic (very important because it is a subset of Algebra) * Give as much information as you can.(note: there is no wrong or right answer) * Use mathematics as a means of communication with emphasis on the use of clear expressions. * Classify, generalize, prove and reason logically. * Use a scientific calculator when necessary. INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA ASSESSMENT Topic task Due date :6 September 2013 Question 1 Simplify as far as possible. a) 3x+6y-2x+y

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