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Dimas Alves Week 3 Assignment #2 11/10/2012 1) Standardization makes it easier for Coke’s products to be put onto the shelves by reducing the number of different places their product is created. I would imagine that inside of a Coke factory, they do not have a separate machine that only makes coke or diet coke. They are going to have it standardized to save room, money, and time. I don’t believe Coke will charge for the software services, because once established in their computers, the software is integrated in the computer. I imagine they will charge for many other things, but not necessarily on software. 2) Switching costs are the expenses a customer incurs in order to switch over from one product or promotion to another. In the example with My Coke Rewards, this “promotion” may have been intended to get more people to buy their products over their competitor’s. This may certainly be an excellent way to draw more people away from Pepsi, but I want to know what it cost Coke? Did they have to increase the price of their product to cover for the new advertising, or the new designs that would have to be created for My Coke Rewards? And where exactly are those Rewards coming from? I can certainly see how by promoting a new idea, it is going to incur an upfront cost. 3) This site can gather quite a bit if details. By having you register, you provide your email address, mailing address, and phone number. In addition, information regarding what products you typically buy will be provided as well. This is information that could be vital for marketing purposes. 4) On the Coca Cola Facebook page, I noticed many things. They have all kinds of pictures posted to target a certain market. 54 million likes on the page, countless photos targeted for different events throughout the year, and a number of comments throughout the page. 5) Similar to the Coca

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