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Tracy Enemchukwu English 2332 July 2, 2012 Assignment #3 Journey is commonly defined to be the act of traveling to one place to another. When being on a journey, there is usually a reason or purpose to why the journey is being taken place. An individual could decide to take a journey to due to a self-discovery or interest. Another reason while people would take a journey is because to experience a different side of the world that they may knew or just heard about. Both of these types of a journey help to produce a lesson that either helps the individual or a collective of people to understand many lessons of life. Gilgamesh’s journey helped to understand that he should live his life to the fullest. Gawain’s journey showed the importance of understanding the outcomes of challenging situation before accepting it, respect with honor, and mortal humility. Dante’s journey helped him to understand the qualities of the process of becoming Godlike. Beowulf’s journey showed how someone would go out their way to save other’s lives.This paper will show how each characters going through these expeditions helped to teach them a lesson about themselves or on worldly nature. Also the paper will shows relations of how the lessons can be related to today’s terms of living. Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, began his journey by having this egotistical attitude of believing that he was the only human being existing in this world. The gods were concerted of why he was behaving this way, to challenge him; they have created him an opponent, a creature that was named Enkidu. After all of their fighting, they became good companions and Enkidu joined Gilgamesh on his journey. During while going through this journey, Enkidu died due to a cursed illness. While grieving for his friend, Gilgamesh made a traveling visit on the search on how to gain immortality. In which he did not gain, since

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