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Assignment 208 – Task A Ai: Four examples of accidents and illness that may occur? Travel Sickness – Travel sickness may occur on the bus/coach, as the movement of the bus. Travel sickness is a disturbed inner ear that’s caused by the repeated motion you must report any incidents to management to write in the daily records and fill out the accident book. Falls – Fall’s might happen when residents are climbing inn and out of the vehicle, walking up and down steps and around the place we are visiting. Cuts and Bruises – Cuts and bruises may occur while in the vehicle such as bumping legs and arms on chairs and door if the resident is a bit unbalanced and while going to the toilets on doors. Asthma attacks – asthma attacks may occur due to different surroundings, different foods, smells, dry wind and cold air these things could always be a problem. Aii: What procedure you should take if any of the above happen? Travel Sickness – If someone is suffering from travel sickness then you should have a sick bucket or sick bag in reach and lots of fresh air, if they are already aware they suffer then we could apply medicated skin patches or motion sickness wrist bands. Falls – If an individual falls you should act quickly to assess the situation and cheek them for any serious damage. You should ask trained in moving and handling staff to help the individual up and sat in a safe position, ring the ambulance if necessary, you must follow the accident procedure policy. Cuts and Bruises – if someone cuts themselves you should have the first aid box/bag with you and addresses the situation and wash with antiseptic wipes and dress the cut if needed. If someone has a bruises you should try a cold compress (such as a ice pack) the cold reduces the blood flow to the swelling area and limits the bleeding into the skin. Asthma attacks – if someone appears to be suffering

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