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Understand person centred approaches in Adult Social Care settings. Task B - Short Answer Questions Bi) Describe two ways of finding out about the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual using the service. One way to find out about a client is to talk to them. Learning about their history will help you build a picture of their life and how they have and would like to live. If they are capable they will be able to tell you how they would prefer to be treated, and what their personal needs are. If they are unable to communicate with you, you could talk to their family; they could provide information about the history and preferences of the client. Another way that would also be useful is to talk to social workers, doctors or any other professional involved in the client’s care, as they will be able to give you information on any medical conditions and needs that you need to be aware of. Bii) Describe two ways of making sure that the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual using the service are recognised in support or care plans. Support people with the same respect you would want for yourself or a member of your family. Treat each person as an individual by offering a personalised service. Enable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control. Listen and support people to express their needs and wants. Respect people's right to privacy. Ensure people feel able to complain without fear of retribution. Engage with family members and carers as care partners. Assist people to maintain confidence and a positive self-esteem. Act to alleviate people's loneliness and isolation Biii) Explain how a care plan helps social care workers to work in a person centred way. We are able to work in a person centred way with the contribution of using an individual's care plan by consulting the individuals,
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