Assignment 206 Nvq 3 Task B

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Assignment 206 Understand the role of the social care worker Task B Handout It is a legal requirement to follow agreed ways of working. Agreed ways of working is how we your employer require you as our employee to work for our organisation. Agreed ways of working will enable you to provide a good quality service, working within the legal framework and most importantly aim to keep you and the individuals you support, safe from danger or harm. Joining our team you will be agreed to work according to our Policies and Procedures, guidelines and general codes of conduct. Policies and Procedures will be found in our office and can be accessed any time. To implement agreed ways of working you follow the Policies and Procedures and the service users care plan, where the management of the individual’s daily care needs are agreed and documented. It is very important that you have up to date agreed ways of working as there may be changes in time to time depending on service user choice and circumstances. If you do not obtain a latest copy of agreed ways of working you will remain unfamiliar to the recent changes. And unawareness of recent changes might result in danger and harm of you and the individual you will be working with. You have a duty to keep service users safe by following policies, procedures and working within your job role. Each job title entails particular duties and responsibilities. Within each position there are routine tasks and activities and expectations. Individuals will be specifically trained to perform the responsibilities of their role. Each role involves limits. Every worker is expected to limit herself or himself to the usual and customary activities involved in the fulfilment of their role. Recognising your role and limits you will be able to help yourself and individual you will be working with, from harm and
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