Assignment 205 Task B

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Assignment 205 task B The first report of serious failure to protect individuals from abuse. Is the winterbourne case, The winterbourne view hospital abuse took place at winterbourne view, a private hospital at hambrook, south Gloucestershire England. A BBC panorama investigation on the television in 2011, exposed the physical and psychological abuse suffered by people with learning disabilities and autism at the hospital. Local social services and the English national regulator (CQC) had received various warnings but the mistreatment continued. One senior nurse reported his concerns to the management at winterbourne view and to CQC, but his compliant was not taken up. The second report of serious failure to protect individuals from abuse is the abuse that took place the Hillcroft nursing home. The abuse took place from may 2010 to September 2011 at Hillcroft nursing home in Slyne-with-Hest near Lancaster. Four care workers have been sentenced for abusing elderly residents. The offence is related to eight victims, seven men and one woman all aged in their 70s or 80s, with the eldest aged 85. In the reviews of this case it states that the residents in the care home were mocked, bullied and tormented because they would have no memory of the abuse, this is a serious unsafe practice, it is physical and psychological abuse at its worst. For a care home to have four assistants who were able to go such a long time (17months) unnoticed, suggests that they are failing to recognise signs of abuse and teach others to recognise the signs abuse and supervise their staff in a correct way which in turn resulted in them being able safeguard the residents. In the reviews of the winterbourne case, it states from the opening of the hospital in 2006-2011 there were 38 safeguarding alerts raised about 20 patients from the unit. Only five of those was reported to the NHS. One reporter
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