Assignment 204 Safeguarding

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Assignment 204 - Task A booklet on Safeguarding Physical Abuse: Signs of physical abuse could be bruises, scratches etc, behavioual changes could also be an indicator, if you think physical abuse has occured document bruises, take photographs and record what you have seen and report it to your manager Sexual Abuse: Signs of sexual abuse could be torn clothing, marks on the body,Unusual pattern or location of injury, the service user could become withdrawn, although this is not a conclusive clue of abuse it could be an indicator Emotional/Psychological Abuse: The service user could become withdrawn, weepy and emotional, they may act different with other service users and care staff, shouting, making horrible comments, ridiculing are all forms of emotional or psychological abuse Financial Abuse: signs of financial abuse are that the service user can not have any money of their own,family member or representative refuses to spend money on the adult’s behalf, so they can not be independant, someone could be giving the service user a little money but keeping the rest for themselves Institutional Abuse: Institutional abuse usually occurs when the individual needs of the person are ignored in favour of set procedures and routines. This could include having restrictive bedtimes, not providing adequate activities for mental and spiritual fulfillment, rigid visiting times or even non compliance with a personal care plan. All of these lead to a serious impact on the quality of life for the individual involved. Self Neglect: Self-neglect is a behavioural condition in which an individual neglects to attend to their basic needs, such as personal hygiene, appropriate clothing, feeding, or tending appropriately to any medical conditions they have. Symptoms of this could be poor hygiene and poor diet. Neglect by others: Neglect is a passive form of

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