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Assignment 204 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care Task A Booklet Ai – Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse • Physical Abuse – is contact to another person that is meant to cause bodily harm or injury. • Sexual Abuse – is forcing undesired sexual behaviour towards someone who isn’t willing. • Emotional/Psychological Abuse – is abuse such as bullying when you create an uncomfortable or scary situation for someone, where anxiety could be a key fear of this abuse. • Financial Abuse – is abuse such as stealing another person’s property. • Institutional Abuse - • Self-Neglect – is abuse to yourself such as neglecting to feed yourself, clean yourself and taking tablets. • Neglect by Others – Failure to fulfil others needs for which another person cannot provide themselves. Aii – Identify Signs and symptoms of the different types of abuse • Physical Abuse - Multiple Bruising - Fractures - Burns - Bed Sores - Fear - Depression - Unexplained Weight Loss • Sexual Abuse - Loss of Sleep - Unexpected or Unexplained Change in Behaviour - Bruising - Soreness Around the Genitals - Torn, Stained or Bloody Underwear - A Preoccupation with Anything Sexual - Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Pregnancy - Indecent Assault • Emotional/Psychological Abuse - Fear - Depression - Confusion - Loss of Sleep - Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour • Financial Abuse - Unexplained withdrawals from the bank - Unusual activity in the Bank Accounts - Unpaid Bills - Unexplained Shortage of money - Fraud - Theft • Self-Neglect - Malnutrition - Untreated Medical Problems - Bed Sores - Confusion - Over-Sedation - Deprivation of Meals Aiii – Explain the correct actions to take if you suspect an individual is being abused - Report suspected abuse to their line

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