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SOVA Define the types of abuse Physical abuse: Physical abuse can take form in several ways, such as hitting, pinching, shaking, misusing medication, force-feeding, scalding, restraint and hair pulling. Failing to provide physical care for living. Signs and symptoms Series of unexplained falls or major injuries, Injuries/bruises at different stages of healing, bruising in unusual sites e.g. Inner arms, thighs. Abrasions. Teeth indentations. Injuries to head or face, client very passive. Person being sick, burns, not usual self (medication misuse). Sexual abuse: Such as rape, sexual assault, or sexual acts to which the person has not or could not have consented, or pressuring someone into sexual acts they do not understand or feel powerless to refuse. Signs and symptoms Change in behaviour, overt sexual behaviour or language, difficulty in walking, sitting. Injuries to genital and/or anal area. Emotional/psychological abuse: Threats of harm or abandonment, being deprived of social or any other forms of contact, humiliation, blaming, controlling, intimidation, coercion, harassment, verbal abuse or being prevented from receiving services of support. Signs and symptoms Withdrawal, depression, cowering and fearfulness, change in sleep patterns, agitation, confusion, change in behaviour, change in appetite/weight. Financial or material abuse: Such as threat, fraud or exploitation, pressure in connection with wills, property, or inheritance, misuse of property, possessions or benefits. Signs and symptoms Unpaid bills, Basic needs not being met, Lack of money on day to day basis. Institutional abuse: Can sometimes happen in care homes, nursing homes or hospitals when people are mistreated due to poor inadequate care, neglect and poor practice that effect the whole of the service. Signs and symptoms Inability to make choices or decisions.

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