Assignment 203 Health And Social Care Essay

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Assignment 203 Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care setting Task A Ai) Complete the following table, describing in your own words what each term means. Diversity | Diversity refers to the quality or fact of being diverse or different. This can be along the dimensions of gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical abilities, political beliefs, religious beliefs or others. | Equality | Equality means that state of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status. In law, it means that citizens are given equal opportunities without discrimination | Inclusion | Inclusion is seen as a universal human right and aims at embracing all people…show more content…
Aiii) Describe two situations where you may need to get some support, information or advice about working in a way that promotes diversity, Equality, inclusion and discrimination. * One of our service users is in late 30’s, with an illness she allergic to everything so has to take medication at certain times. She has complained times on rota has changed. The service user body goes into shock when she doesn’t get woken up for her medications. She says’’ that she thinks they don’t look at the information at office and judge by her age’’ and put an 84yr old dementia user in front of her. * I was doubling up with another carer. I found it bit difficult pulling on bed sheet really hard to move a client due to me being 7months pregnant. The carer said ‘’you shouldn’t be working on my round in your condition ‘’ then sucked her teeth at me. I found this highly discriminating. Aiv) For each of the situation you have identified, describe how you could access support, Information or guidance. * I would call the office to speak to a supervisor ask what they do about this, as it is very important and a clients health at
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