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Assignment 3 Complete the following table, describing in your own words what each term means. Diversity | People who work in a care home must value diversity which involves accepting and respecting an individual no matter the shape, size or nationality. It means acceptance and respecting, understanding that each person is unique, and identifies our individual differences.. | Equality | Equality means treating everyone the same and recognizing our individual differences, no matter their sex, age, religion, disability etc. everyone is treated as an equal, some people have different needs were as for example a person is deaf and has to attend a meeting and they can’t hear what is being said, so to make it equal there would be someone who can hear and be able to do sign language so this puts everyone on equal footing. | Inclusion | Inclusion is the idea of allowing everyone equal access to a service be it getting on a bus, getting into shops or even getting a job regardless of gender, disability, religion etc. | Discrimination | A person who has been treated differently less kindly than someone else because of their difference be it there race ,sex ,colour disability, or even how they dress, etc. | It is important that social care workers follow laws, regulations and codes of practice. List three that relate to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination. HPC (Health Professions Council). The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Care Standards act of 2000 The race relations (amendment) Act 2000 The special educational needs and disability act 2001 The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Equality Act 2010 Describe two situations where you may need to get some support, information or advice about working in a way that promotes diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination. A resident would like to play a game of bingo with everyone
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