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Assignment 202 – Principles of Personal Development Task A Ai) Principles of the data protection act and GSCC code of practice. Aii) Equality Acts codes of practice and CQC essential standards. Aiii) Health and safety regulation, COSHH and RIDDOR and CQC essential standards. Aiv) GSCC cod of practice and CQC essential standards. Av) Safeguarding Adults 2005 and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Groups Act 2006. Avi) A PDP is just another name for a plan of action, only this one refers specifically to your aspirations regarding personal development. A PDP allows you to set your own personal targets and find the best way to achieve them. This can be in the work place, in education or other activities. A PDP should involve set goals in which you want to achieve. You should base them on the subject you want to improve in and take into consideration what skills you are already good at, what skills you need to work on, what factors could help you along the way, what factors might stop you from achieving your goals when trying to complete them. You will also need to identify the training necessary to achieve your targets and set a time scale to achieve them. By having a review date this allows you to have a time scale and also to see how much you have progressed in what time. Avii) Three people that could provide information and feedback for a PDP would be a manager, the residents and other professionals in the work place such as doctors or nurses. These people will be able to give their feedback of your progress/strengths and weaknesses along with information which might be helpful to a PDP. Aviii) Appraisals Shadowing Staff meetings Aix) A PDP can give you motivation. It can help you work to standards. It will keep you on record and give you clear goals. It will outline your strengths and
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