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ф The success of any company in many respects depends on its human capital. Especially this statement is topical for sphere of trade and services where communication between employees and information interchange are very important. Work of people is the basic motive power for company development. Therefore productive work of the company depends on that, how much comfortably employees feel on a workplace at office. Whether you reflected over to what requirements should correspond to workplaces of your employees? How to provide the maximum safety of all working personnel? In my report you will find the answers to these questions. Ability to correctly organize working space, to provide comfort and safety of the equipment and office furniture will give you the necessary gain of productivity. Even insignificant mistakes in the setting up of office environment and health, safety and security in the office in aggregate can lead to fatal consequences. Incorrect color of office can become the depression and isolation reason or on the contrary to cause animosities or aggression. Wrong lighting can become the headache reason. And the neglect of fire safety and security safety can lead to material losses. Following key rules of the organization of office space and safety precautions it is possible to achieve a great result. This report is being produced for CEO, Mr. Simpson, who plans to redesign office space with a view of increase in productivity and safety of the employees. The main objectives of this report is to explain importance of office environment and health, safety and security issues in the office and how these things influence on productivity and work of all office as a whole. This report consists of two main parts. First part of the report deals with the optimum organization of office environment. I will consider

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