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Matthew Walker Assignment 201 Principles of communication in adult social care settings Ai Verbal communication is the primary form of communication that is used hand in hand with listening. Sign Language is another form of communication for people whom may not be as accomplished at speaking. Picture cards can be very useful in assisting communication as people can point to the picture. Written down language is as good as speaking to communicate what a person needs. Aii To express emotion To share and receive information To make a need clear To get help or assistance To tell someone they are in pain Aiii Communication goes both ways where one essentially does the communicating and the other listens. It’s about understanding correctly what the individual wants to say. When communicating face to face the person listening may not make it clear verbally whether they have understood what is been said or not. Observing the facial expression of the client can assist with them if they pull a face it can indicate that they don’t understand if they nod it can mean yes i understand. Aiv People are generally happier when their needs are met. To meet a persons needs communication is key to ensuring they are met and their care and support is given making sure it is to the clients wishes. The better understanding staff have of clients communicational needs the better it will be to meet their needs and wishes. Av Colleagues - Good communication is key to any job. When staff understand each other well it creates a better atmosphere and makes it easier to get the job done because each person knows their role and responsibilities. Clients - Again good communication helps with supporting clients because it enables staff to make sure they are providing care that is to the clients needs and preferences. Other Professionals - Within the care setting there can

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