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Assignment 201 Principles of Communication in adult social care settings Tasks A. Short answer questions B. Poster Task A - Short Answer Questions Ai Describe four different types of communication. 4 marks 1. Verbal - Comprising of sounds, words, language and speaking. 2. Non-verbal - Comprising of the tone of the voice, touch, smell, body movements and positioning. 3. Written - Comprising of email, reports, letters, notes, articles & memos. 4. Visual - Comprising of topography, photography, paintings, signs, symbols, and designs. Aii Identify five different reasons why people communicate. 5 marks 1. The desire to be understood. 2. A need to share information. 3. A requirement to give instructions. 4. A wish to share feelings. 5. A requirement to share knowledge. Aiii Give two reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of an individual using the service when you are communicating with them. 4 marks Communication is a two way interaction.. It is vital to watch the effects that the interaction may evoke so that any problems can be identified and dealt with. Because not all means of communication require the use of words or sound, it is vital to observe the body language of the individual to assess whether or not they have understood. Aiv Explain why it is important to find out about an individual’s: a) Communication needs 2 marks You need to understand which methods the individual prefers to communicate in to ensure that their needs are being met and they have the right tools and facilities to enable them to communicate. For example, hearing aids, glasses, pictures, card, paper and pen. In addition, the needs of the individual will vary according to sensory ability, cultural back ground (Nepalese women will not wish to talk to a male

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