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Assignment #2: Xerox Essay

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Assignment 2 Outline

I. Human resource professionals can ensure that top organizational leaders encourage managers and employees to follow laws and guidelines by the follow means:
a. HR professionals can do this by making sure that they do not discriminate based on the immutable characteristics.
i. This covers people in different categories such as; sex, race, age, and religious beliefs.
b. HR professionals can do this by staying in agreement with the EEOC.
c. HR professionals can do this by addressing and educating employees on the issues of harassment. Which includes sexual harassment.
d. HR professionals can do this by staying in compliance with the ADA and to make sure that all persons with disabilities are treated equal within the organization.
e. HR professionals can do this by making sure that men and women are treated equal within the organization and that both are being paid equally for the tasks that each perform.
II. Hiring women and minorities has improved Xerox’s profitability for the following reasons:
a. The first reason profitability improved is that it shows that Xerox treats their employees equal and that they are there for the working women with families..
b. The second reason profitability improved is the public is in favor of how the company is open on all aspects when it comes to employment.
c. The third reason profitability improved is reimbursing employees for mileage.
d. The fourth reason profitability improved is allowing employees to telecommute.
e. The fifth reason profitability improved is because Xerox is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to hiring women and minorities.
f. The sixth reason profitability improved is because the company has developed different strategies that influence diversity in order to increase their business advantage.
III. Xerox made itself a more attractive employer for women and minorities by making the following changes:
a. The first change was allowing employees to take work home...

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