Assignment 2: MAT222: Intermediate Algebra

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Two-Variable Inequalities Rebecca Ilowiecki MAT222: Intermediate Algebra (GSQ1340L) Shenita Talton October 13, 2013 Last week we learned about functions and the relationship between variables. This week we have been working with two-variable inequalities. A two-variable inequality will have both independent and dependent variables. With the range of the inequality, there are multiple answers within the solution. For this assignment we will be working on problem #68 from page #539 (Dugopolski, 2012). An 18-wheeler can carry a maximum of 330 TVs and no refrigerators, or no TVs and a maximum of 110 refrigerators. The diagram we were given shows the TVs on the y-axis and the refrigerators on the x-axis. In order to figure the…show more content…
If the company orders the maximum 60 refrigerators, the maximum number of TVs would be 150. The graph would have points of y=150 and x=60. The next day, Burbank decides to have a television sale so they change their order to include at least 200 TVs. What is the maximum number of refrigerators that could be delivered at the same time? 3x +y ≤ 330 3(x) + 200 ≤ 330 330-200 = 130 3(43) + 200 ≤ 330 129 + 200 ≤ 300 329 ≤ 330 The truck will be able to fit 200 TVs and 43 refrigerators. The problems that were worked on for this assignment showed the independent and independent variables that are included in two-variable inequalities. We used linear inequalities to find our initial focus for each question. We also worked with test points to ensure that our numbers would fall within the shaded region and would make the problem true. We also learned that anytime the inequality symbol has the equal to bar means the graph will have a solid line. This means that the points that fall on the line are also part of the solution

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