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Assignment 2 Gene Thech Essay

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Assignment 2: Gene Technology
Marisa Andrade
Professor: Miller
SCI 115
June 14, 2014

For my gene technology assignment I chose the Genetically modified Crop Plant. I find this subject very interesting because of the fact that most of us in the United States are in fact being forced to consume vegetables that have been genetically modified.
So what does exactly do modified crops mean and how many genetically modified food or vegetables are out there in our groceries markets ready for consumption. According to the FDA and the department of agriculture (USDA), there are over 40 plant varieties that have completed all the requirements for commercialization. (http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/%7Elrd/biocon) . among that number of foods we have tomatoes, corn, cotton seed, and canola oil just to mentioned a few. These genetically modified foods are all those food items that we more often see in our foods stores that have been produced from organisms that have been genetically altered. GM foods can be described as organisms that can be produced or generated by combining genes of different species, the outcome of using such technology result in organisms that are genetically engineered or genetically modified.
According to my research the firs commercial sale of GM foods begun in 1994. The original purpose of this technology was to have to use less pesticides that harm crops but most importantly to help increase the world ‘s harvest. With the world’s population growing at the speed it is, genetically modifying foods is not a bad idea from a scientist perspective. However,  
as everything else   in the evolution of human history, raising the bar and going beyond the boundaries that people know and are costume to, has always had social and ethical implications. As we have heard before, every action causes a reaction. And the topic of feeding genetically altered foods to people most definitely will not be an exception to this rule.

Because the technology of genetically...

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