Assignment 2 for Mp Essay

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Assignment # 1 Subject: Manufacturing Processes Topic: Investigate Into Modern Manufacturing Technologies (CAD/CAM) By: Muhammad Amir Habib Date: 26/9/12 Introduction: In this cut throat era where the profit margins have been decreased not only due to the competition but the regular demand of customer for price reduction become one of the major reason for it. For being profitable & keeping in view every dimension of business, Computer integrated manufacturing is a real tool that can help in reducing lead time for manufacturing, enhancing the quality of product & provide the same result when less skilled & expensive required. CIM is a concept in which design & manufacturing processes are combined through computer systems. CIM has the ability to completely automize the manufacturing systems by combination of different processes. CIM in the modern format being used in organizations for running its production. It make the best use of computer software & hardware in a sense that it takes the benefit of modern technology, managing technology, information technology, automatic technology & system engineering technology. Basically CIM play a vital role in modifying the manufacturing enterprise. The motive of CIM is to deal with computer applications & communications required for advancement that allow organization to make a best use of capabilities. Increase In Productivity Using CIM Requirement for integration in technology was felt due to traditional manufacturing system in organizations. Scattered manufacturing processes created a real mess. Due to these complexities it caused a lacking in communication of functional areas. As a result, manufacturing organization accepted the advance technologies due to worldwide competition. For survival in this new era of technology manufacturing engineers need to be up to the mark &
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