Assignment 2 Childhood Studies Essay

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My word processing and presentation skills have come in use throughout this course. It was useful to undertake these activities because I was able to make use of my skills and show them in the tasks given. In regards to my time management skills, I am usually very punctual with my work and ensure that it is handed and met with deadlines; therefore I did not struggle with my time management. The library and IT services are very useful when completing assignments because they provide us with all the required resources. These have helped me to develop more skills in searching for relevant information in relation to my work, for example I am now able to access many of the books from the library online from home. Database searching was also useful because I was not so familiar with this when starting university, but once I understood what it is used for; it had helped me in completing my activities for Academic Skills. I have developed my reading skills further as for this course; I had to do some reading based on Academic Skills. I feel that my reading skills have improved because I have not only read certain books, but now I am widening my list of resources into articles and journals; which I did not do before. Now my reading list consists of many different ways of taking in new information and knowledge about a particular topic. Feedback that I received from my e-learning tutor was very helpful as I was told my positives and negatives which was useful. Reading my feedback has allowed me to understand things which I can improve on as well as the good aspects of my work. Overall, by completing these activities, I have been able to identify my strengths and
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