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Assignment 1: Entrepreneurial Leadership Naugie Pratt October 22, 2013 BUS 508 1. Determine how Five Guys philosophy set it apart from other fast food chains. Five Guys is set apart from other franchises such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc., because they prepare real ground beef burgers. They only serve fresh food throughout all their locations. Five guys started with a single location in Arlington, Virginia in 1986 this was the start of something great to come for the Murrell family. They are unique from any other fast food chain; their uniqueness comes from serving everything fresh and made to order. They believe in the customer, that the customer comes first and that they are always right. This in turn starts with the business putting their faith in their employees and knowing that every position holds value. Placing more focus on quality and quantity, without putting one before the other in reference to product, service and cleanliness. Having good business ethics will always play a good part in the way a business is run. Understanding the standards of conduct and having principles and morals that hold value displays certain attributes that contributes to good decision making abilities in order to run a successful business. Having good policies and procedures will help the employees have a more productive work environment being positive always make the work day flow well. The development, sophistication and dedication have played an important role in the success of Five Guys to date. They offer more than ten entrees from Hamburgers to hotdogs; let’s not forget French fries that are made to perfection. If you are a vegetarian they even offer a veggie sandwich, if that’s your preference that you can top any way you like with over 15 toppings to choose from for either your burger, hotdog or veggie sandwich. They offer free peanuts

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