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PYC4808: 826739 Assignment 2 Michelle Due: July 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction How reality is seen by each specific approach. How health and pathology is addressed by each approach. How each specific approach deals with therapy. What the role and function of the therapist in each specific approach is. Which critical ethical concerns could be raised about each specific perspective. Which critical ethical concerns could be raised about each specific perspective? Conclusion PYC 4808: Assignment 2 Michelle The following essay will aim at comparing the epistomologies governing the first and second order cybernetic approaches. The way in which each approach views reality will be discussed, as well as how pathology and health is viewed and dealt with. The different ways of approaching therapy and change will also be discussed in this essay, as well as the ethical concerns of each approach. This essay will aim at formulating ideas around how these two approaches can be integrated in a meaningful manner, by focusing on the afforestation issues. The concept of reality is of utmost importance in aiming to compare the epistemology governing the first and second order in cybernetic approaches. The meaning of "reality" thus needs to be defined. According to Branford, W. (1987) , reality is defined as a real existence or actual being as opposed to imaginary, idealised or false. It is something that happens in real life and that can be substantiated by facts. It can thus be assumed that reality is somewhat factual and can be measured. Reality can also be defined as something which refers to all that which forms a vital part of what an individual believes to be real . Perception thus plays a part in the concept of reality from this perspective as subjectivity replaces objectivity. (Becvar & Becvar, 2006). In first

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