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Samantha Holmes Ms. Turley English 300, MWF 11:30-12:25 1 October 2012 Assignment 2 In regards to the introduction of what is going to be discussed I would like to say that I think school fails to appreciate the value of good grammar. People are starting to think that the way they text on the phone is okay when sending an email or letter to a professor and even when applying for a job. I think that grammar should be a bigger priority in the English classes starting in middle school and continuing all throughout your years of schooling. 1. McWhorters explains that knowing the difference between certain words like “your” and “you’re” are crucial when hiring people for jobs and writing articles for those jobs. Language and how people write is always changing and with most of us being taught the proper grammar language and techniques back then most likely they will have changed by now. We need to be updated with the new grammar rules that are being taught so when we do need to write papers and letters we will be able to do so with the correct grammar. He notes that employers and college presidents are throwing away resumes and other writing samples because they don’t quite know the basics of grammar yet. In response to the article I think that McWhoters really does a good job at explaining how people have no idea what grammar really means. Basic words like “there” and “their” are very important to understand in language because they have two totally different meanings to them. It makes sense that people who would read a writing assignment with that kind of grammar in it would associate them with low intelligence, carelessness, and a lack of wanting to improve their skills. I can even admit to miss spelling words sometimes and my grammar not being correct in some of my writings but I intend to keep getting better at it. 2. Challengers

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