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Unit#2 1. a) Wealth, food, education, resource, technology are not evenly distributed in the world. People die from poverty. Lack of education has been a huge concern in the Middle East. Countries in the Middle East are not updated with the technology in the world. According to “The Earth” there’s 100 people living in this world and only 6 of them from United States would possess 59% of the entire world’s wealth. From the 100 only 30 would be able to read. b) Canadians can play a good role on changing this distribution. They have been good with listening to what others say and solving problems. If I get a chance to change the distribution everything would be evenly retailed. I’d perhaps rebel against the government for human rights.…show more content…
When examining a source of information, ask your-self the following questions: - Who wrote the document, and why did he or she write it? - Was the author or organization closely involved in the event? Could that have affected what was written? - What credentials does the author have to indicate that she or he is a reliable source? - What organization published the document? Does this organization have a particular point of view or agenda that would bias the information? To assist you in detecting bias in an article, ask your-self the following questions: - Do the arguments and evidence support only one side of an issue? - Are generations and simplified solutions used to explain complex points of view? - Are value-laden adjectives used? - Are stereotypical comments used? - If counter arguments are used, are they weak and poorly explained? 6. All map projections misrepresent the surface of the Earth in some way. They may create errors in distance, provide inaccurate compass direction, distort the shape of regions, or enlarge or shrink areas. 7. These perspectives are the product of many influences: your family, schooling, countries in which you have lived, your religion beliefs, the media, and your

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