Assignment 1r: Internet Essay

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Assignment 1R: Internet (20 points) 1. Give two examples of safe, professional usernames. (2.0 points) Anne Wilson Jake Jones N.P.S (Norman Public Schools) 2. Re-read the information on the websites about technology careers that you bookmarked earlier in this section. Write 4-5 sentences about what you learned about the career, and say where you found the information. (5.0 points) This site is called O-net OnLine Summary report for computer systems analysts. This site first gives the tasks or job description that a analyst would do. It also gave tools and Technology which tells you what kind of computer systems that are used. What kinds of skills are needed and what training is needed for job search. I believe this is a trust worthy site. Because it gives links to correctly cite the page information about the site and references to other sites that are helpful in the job search. 3. Name a long-term goal, and then list three short-term goals that could help you prepare for that goal. Complete sentences are not necessary. (4.0 points) Go to College • Save money • Get good grades • Practice On Acts and SATs 4. Which part of the online job application was easiest for you to complete? Which section was the most difficult? Give at least one example of work experience, education, or special skills that you included in the application. Explain in 2-5 sentences. (3.0 points) CAUTION: To protect your privacy, make sure you don't list the names of specific places where you've worked or gone to school. The easiest part for me was putting my name down. The hardest was thinking of extracurricular activities and special skills. I can work well with animals as special skill. 5. Choose one of the following websites: →←

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