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[pic] | |[pic] | | 教育及語文學院 School of Education and Languages ENGLE300F The Art of English September 2011 presentation Assignment File Introduction The OUHK uses assignments during the course, together with an examination, to assess your understanding of the material covered in the course and your ability to apply what you have learned. However, the assignments are not only for assessment purposes. They have been carefully designed to help you learn and are an integral part of the course work. Your tutor will grade and comment on your work. By means of these comments, he/she will help you to overcome problems you may have with the course work. These assignments are really a way to give you individual help, so please take advantage of this opportunity. How you will be assessed For each assignment, you will receive a mark out of 100 in accordance with the University Marking Scale shown below. |Band |Scale score | |A |85–100 | |A- |77–84 | |B+ |70–76 | |B |62–69 | |B- |55–61 | |C+ |47–54 | |C |40–46 | |Fail |Below 40 marks | The pass mark for each of the assignments is 40%, which means that when you get 40 marks or above you have passed an assignment. There are four assignments and together they are worth 50% of the total course score. The final examination accounts for the other 50%. You must pass the continuous assessment component (your assignments) and the

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