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Assignment 1 Evaluating the organisation's strategy (UNILEVER) The word limit is 2000 words. The Executive Brief represents the culmination of all your work on this module. Having undertaken an environmental audit for the first module assignment and studied the strategic options available to the business you are now required to independently evaluate the existing strategy of the business and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the future development of the business' strategy. Your evaluation and recommendations should be presented as an Executive Brief, using the standard Executive Brief format Word Limit : 2000 words, using the standard Executive Brief format described above .Please note that you will lose marks if you exceed this word limit by more than 10%. Your brief should include: Title Page Executive Summary Table of contents Introduction Analysis and critical evaluation of the organisation's strategic position ( This should concisely incorporate the relevant analysis and findings from your first assessment) Analysis of the organisation's strategic direction, with a clear identification of the methods by which the organisation's strategies have been pursued Critical evaluation of the organisation's strategy in terms of its suitability, acceptability, feasibility and sustainability. Conclusions and Recommendation regarding possible new strategic directions References Appendix (if required) Your brief must show evidence of your ability to research independently both relevant data, using appropriate sources and databases, as well as relevant academic literature, to support your arguments. The Executive Brief must be professionally presented and appropriately referenced. Assessment will be done Following learning outcomes: LO1 Organisation and Coherence . Ability to provide the Brief with a clear and

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