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The Organization and management Assignment three Case study Case study A1. The three reasons why organizations are formed are: * Economic reasons: The organisations are formed so that they can benefit one’s country economy as there will be more jobs for people and more revenue. * Social reasons: If a society needs some particular product that is commonly exported from some other country an organisation can be formed that will meet the demands of the society by manufacturing that product that can be one of the reasons an organisation can be formed. * Personal reasons: An organisation is also formed by an individual because of personal reasons these can be personal benefits, monitory profits, reputation in the market and mutual satisfaction. A2. In Case of Hayley Buttimore the reason to take up a task collectively, unity and to make comprehensive effort from all corners applies. As Hayley recognize that there were few programme’s available to parents during holidays that focused on performing arts. A3. There are three categories of managerial roles are following below: * Interpersonal roles: Interpersonal roles ensure that information is provided. The manager acts as a figurehead, leader and liaison. As a leader he train, advice and motivate his subordinate’s. As a liaison he coordinates and link between people inside and outside to help achieve the goals. * Informational roles: Informational roles link all managerial work together. The managers disseminate and collect information as and when required. * Decisional roles: This role is for making significant use of the information and decisions are made. It is further divided into four parts are entrepreneur, disturbance handlers, resource allocator and negotiator. A4. The various examples of when Hayley would perform each of three managerial roles are following below:

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