Assignment 1 Unit 9 Outdoor and Adventurous Essay

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Assignment 1 Unit 9 Outdoor and Adventurous expeditions Introduction For this task I will look at the similarities between the four expeditions I looked at in my Presentation. I will explore the differences between exploratory and commercial expeditions. I will find out how different types the expeditions are funded and who took part. I will also look at the equipment used and the skills and techniques used by the participants. Task 2 (M1) Pemba Dorjie’s expedition was a solo expedition where he did the fastest ever ascent and descent of Everest. On May 23, 2003 he reached the peak in 12 hours and 46 minutes. His climb is considered one of the greatest feats in mountaineering. Marco Polo did didn’t travel alone so his expeditions are grouped expeditions. He is famous for his traveling miles through Asia and being one of the first Europeans to travel into Mongolia and China. He introduced Europeans to central Asia and China by writing about his travels. An example of an educational expedition would be the Duke of Edinburgh award. The Duke of Edinburgh is the same as a group expedition except it is done for educational purposes. It involves camping for a certain amount of nights and walking for a certain distance depending whether they are doing the gold, silver or bronze award. The last type of expedition is called a Cooperate expedition. This involves paying people to go with you on your expedition. They can carry your bags, show you the way and generally look after you. Most of the money then goes to the company not the person who actually helped with the expedition. Exploratory expeditions are when someone goes to explore something and commercial expeditions are done for profit. An example of a commercial expedition would be a cooperate

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