Assignment 1-Ubuntu Essay

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1. The commands that you can sue to determine who is logged in on a specific terminal are who, finger, and w. 2. The $ mesg n command is used to block users from communicating with you. You would want to do this to avoid being bothered if you are busy. 3. The file will be overwritten in both cases. 4. The command $ apropos editor command can be use to locate available utilities for editing files. The utilities that are available are vim, pica, ex, ed and gedit. 5. You can find the phone number for Ace Electronics using the following command: $ grep ‘Ace Electronics’ phone. The $ sort –u phone command can be used to display the entire file in alphabetical order. The command $ sort phone can be used to remove adjacent duplicate lines. $ uniq phone can be used to remove all duplicates. 6. It will state that the files differ. The output will be different because the files cannot be accessed in the same way to compare the content; diff compares files line by line, which is possible for ASCII files. 7. $ finger does not display the content of the .plan file. 8. The which utility will give a message stating the command does not exist in your directory. 9. No, they are not. 10. There are approximately 20 different files. 11. The $ head can be used to look at the first few files of a file named, while $tail can be used to look at the end of the same

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