Assignment 1: Science Physics Core Science Questions And Questions

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Science Physics Core science questions and answers- Topic 1- The solar system- 1. What is a geocentric model? It is a model with the earth at the centre. 2. Describe two differences between ptolemy’s and Copernicus’s models- What is at the centre of the model and the way in which the planets followed smaller circles in their orbits in ptolemy’s model. 3. Describe two similarities between the two models- The number of planets and the circular orbits are the same. 4. Suggest one way in which our current model of the solar system is different from Copernicus’s- There are more planets because we have more scientific equipment to look out further into space so we discover new things in space. 5. How do Galileo’s observations of Jupiter’s moons support…show more content…
Describe two ways in which gravity has a part in the life-cycle of a star- Gravity pulls the dust and gas in the nubula together, and compresses them so much that the inside becomes hot enough for fusion reactions to start. Gravity also pulls the remains of a red giant together after fusion reactions have stops. This forms a white dwarf. Theories about the universe- 1. What does red shift tell s about distant galaxies? They are moving away from us. 2. Which theory says that space is expanding? Both 3. Which theory says that new matter is being created all the time? Steady State. 4. Which theory states that the universe began about 13.5 billion years ago? Big Bang. 5. Explain why the movement of galaxies supports both the steady state and the big bang theories- Both theories say that the universe is expanding. 6. What is CMB radiation? Radiation emitted by the Big Bang, which now has caused a much bigger wavelength because of the expansion of the universe. 7. Which theory is supported by the following evidence- h) red shift-both i) the cosmic microwave background radiation-Big Bang. Red shift- 1. What is red shift? The shifting of lines in the spectra of stars towards the red end of the

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