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Week Two Project Paper #1 Quality Texas Award GM570 Marco Pollo January 24, 2012 Purpose and Background The Quality Texas Award was started by Governor Anne Richards as a concept during her campaign for Governor in 1990. It is a 501c3 nonprofit cooperation that includes the Governors office, the Texas Department of Commerce, and Texas businesses. The Quality Texas Foundation organized and delivered quality awareness seminars across the state of Texas. In the first two years of the Foundations existence, seminars were presented to 1,800 individuals representing more than 700 organizations. EDS Corporation, which is a leading global technology services provider, assigned an executive to lead the development of the state quality…show more content…
award. The criteria was based on performance excellence provided by the guidance of the Malcolm Baldride National Quality Award. “The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is an annual award that recognizes U.S. organizations in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors for performance excellence. The Baldrige Award is the only formal recognition of the performance excellence of U.S. organizations given by the President of the United States. It is administered by the Baldrige National Quality Program, which is based at and managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.” (see item 2) The Baldridge award criteria use seven…show more content…
2000 - III Corps and Fort Hood, Kelly Services Inc., CitiCards Dallas 1997 – HP (Formerly Compaq Computer Corporation Supply Chain Management), John Deere Company Dallas. 1996 – M&S Systems Inc., Solectron Texas, Texas Nameplate Co. 1995 – Alcatel 1994 – Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Texas Eastman “ (see item 1) Conclusion Companies that are involved with the quality award process are recognized leaders of there industries. Any and every company desires to increase market share and be as profitable as possible. By being part of the quality award it helps you to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses of your company. It also shows your customers that you are trying to continually improve both your product and process. The organizations that have adapted these quality criteria, have shown increases in profits and processes, and will only benefit from the process. References 1. 2. 3.

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