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Product Assessment Denise Damico DR. Brian McCue Principles of Marketing 100 May 7, 2013 Product Assessment of Personal Computers Choose a consumer product or service that is on the market today, but is declining in appeal to consumers. This product should be marked for “obsolesces”. Discuss this product or service in terms of its current target market demographics using U.S. Census Data. Personal computers, also known as desktops and laptops have been the greatest technological device during the last century that has indeed touched so many lives in the social organization. The history of the personal computer and consumer electronic devices effectively began around 1977 with the introduction of the microcomputer. A personal computer is one that was made for interactive individual use. “Derived from the development of the large scale computers, which became the commonplace in the 1950’s, the personal computers utilized advances in microelectronics to achieve large reductions in the physical size and monetary costs of computing equipment.” (U.S. Census Data). Personal computers were sold cheap and at reasonable prices that became the main technology used in schools, libraries and in the household by adults and children. “Over 71% of children in schools had some use of a computer; while 40% of all working adults say that they now use computers at their jobs. According to Robert Kominiski of the U.S. Census data, studies have been done to show that children had more access to a computer in school than at home.” The advance in hardware and software technology took the computer to an elegant but complex task processor, capable of handling literally thousands of unique and individual operations simultaneously. The large impact of these changes in the computer technology leads to different significance between adults and children. Today’s technology

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