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Edward Igl Nike Case Study 1. MNCs can face a variety of ethical issues when foreign labor is employed if the perception is that the MNC is using their power to unfairly take advantage of workers. Major issues that stem from this are the use of child labor, unfair wage compensation, and unhealthy working conditions. Although these offenses are truly lacking in ethical behavior, they are often looked upon from one’s own value set. There should be consideration for the worker’s culture too. 2. An MNC would be unsuccessful in an effort to insulate themselves from negative perception through the use of a third party contractor. Even though it would not be the MNCs direct operations and policy that abuses their employees, the public perception is that the business endeavor enables and funds this advantageous behavior. The only real way to insulate from these sorts of attacks would be to control the perception of activities. 3. A company’s conduct and process is an extremely important part of their image and promotion of such is definitely advertising. Companies such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream have grown and profited off the promotion of their business conduct. There is a lot more information today and people are connected to the production of their products more so than ever. With the free flow of information, people are much more informed about where and how their products came about. “Made in America” used to be a standard for the quality of product and business practice, but I believe it is moving towards the perception of locally-made (reinvest locally). Companies are now the labels that carry the reputations of quality and good business practice. Whole Foods has grown dramatically in the past decade, because even though they are generally more expensive, they provide a standard of quality and good business practices. 4. Companies

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