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Table of contents I. Introduction 4 II. Marketing definition 5 III. The main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization of Nestle 8 IV. The marketing concept 11 4.1/ Customers satisfaction 12 4.2/ Total company effort 13 4.3/ Profit 13 V. The benefits and costs of using marketing approach to doing business in Vietnam. 14 VI. Micro and Macro environment factors 16 6.1. Micro environment factors 16 6.2. Macro environment factors 21 VII. Segmentation of Nestlé in Vietnam 29 VIII. The factors, which will influence the choice of the targeting strategies for the company’s products 33 IX. Buying behaviors 35 Appendix 1 39 I. Introduction Nestlé S.A. or Société des Produits Nestlé or S.A. Food Company and the world's largest soft drink, with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. It was found by Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist, in 1866. In that time, Henri Nestlé wanted to make a product, which can replace for the mother’s milk. For this reason, he invented Nestlé. In 1905, Nestlé merge with Anglo-Swiss. In 1984, Nestlé was known as the biggest Food company in USA. From 1996 to 2005, Nestlé had bought many companies in order to become one of biggest corporation in the world. In this report, I would like to discuss about the Marketing definition, and all about Marketing of Nestlé corp. II. Marketing definition Marketing has not exactly definition, it still is a concept, which is in the process of development and it is completing day by day. However, over all, Marketing consist individual and organizational activities that is execute and plan the process of conception, pricing, promotion, distribution of goods, service and ideas in order to satisfies exchange relations. However, in this report, I would discuss about four main definition of Marketing. Firstly, Marketing is the management

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